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2022 Conference sessions / Accepted presentations

The international conference for Social  Sciences ”Communication. Information. Learning” 2022 – Ninth Edition – VIRTUAL PRESENTATION

21st – 22nd May 2021

Sămbătă, 22 mai 2021/Saturday, May 22

Communication Sciences: Communication and Public Relations, Journalism

Simona Rodat, Adventus University, Faculty of Theology and Social Sciences, Cernica, Ilfov, Romania, Verbal and nonverbal barriers in social work communication

Ștefan Vladutescu, PhD, University of Craiova, Supportive communication or restorative communication in poetry

Georgiana Stănescu, PhD, University of Craiova, Media coverage of Ukraine war în the first month of conflict

Alina Țenescu, PhD, University of Craiova, Perspectives on sensory marketing and advertising

Mihaela Bărbieru, PhD, “C.S. Nicolăescu-Plopşor” Institute for Research in Social Studies and Humanities from Craiova of the Romanian Academy, About how the pandemic changed the elections in Romania in 2020

Ștefan Stănescu, PhD c., University of Craiova, How polite can we go on social media? A pragmatic approach

Davian Vlad, PhD, University of Craiova, ‘The Finest Hour Speech’ – Winston Churchill’s Enlightening Radio Broadcast during Britain’s Darkest Hours

Mara Vlad, University of Leeds (UK), Music, Multimedia and Electronics, The Velvet Underground and their Era-Defining Debut Album

Ana-Maria Predilă, PhD c, University of Craiova, The Role of Communication in Resolving and Preventing Conflicts

Dan Valeriu Voinea, PhD, University of Craiova, Creative use cases for generative AI in media

Education sciences / Ştiinţele educaţiei

Claudiu Bunăiașu, PhD, Alexandru Strungă, PhD, University of Craiova, Dynamic Models in Mentoring: The Integrated Skills Development Planning (ISDP)

Aida Stoian, PhD, University of Craiova, Directions for modernization of self – assessment and continuous assessment of student outcomes, from information technology to ITC systems

Adrian Nicolescu, PhD, University of Craiova, Specific rights and obligations of the teaching staff according to the labor legislation

Marcela Moraru, “Mircea Eliade” Gimnasial School, Children’s attitude towards reading

Alina-Florina Lazăr, University of Craiova, Using the “Thinking Hats” method in the field of primary education

Maria Magdalena Duda, University of Craiova, Management design in the field of programs and educational projects

Adriana Elena Căpățînă, University of Craiova, Curriculum design, implementation and evaluation at the school’s decision; implications for curriculum development

Marlen-Patricia Roșca, University of Craiova, The usefulness of mindly and lucidspark applications in preschool education

Pârcălabu-Hau Cătălin-Ionuț, University of Craiova, Deception mechanisms in military operations

Dana Alexandra Ungureanu, University of Craiova, The specifics of the Educational Communication Contract in Primary education 

Carmen Rebeca Mitru, University of Craiova,

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